My name is Debbie Largent.  I was born and raised in Colfax, graduated from Colfax High School in 1978 and Washington State University in 1982.  My husband, Brian, farms with his brother on the place where he grew up and where we live now--17 miles from Colfax.
We have two wonderful children.  Our daughter, Shana and her husband Ryan live in Spokane.  Shana received her Master's at WSU in Speech and Hearing Sciences.  She works in a Pediatric Clinic-Youthful Horizons- in Spokane one morning a week.   Shana is a stay-at-home mom to our beautiful grand-daughter. Ryan works at Karl Stortz selling endoscopy equipment. 
Our son, Kyle, graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois in June 2016. He is living and working in New York City.
I started my teaching career in 1983 at Jennings Elementary in a 2nd grade class.  After Shana was born in 1988, I took a year off to be home with her.  When I came back the following year, we decided it was best for our family to work half time, so I was able to teach Kindergarten for 3 years.  After Kyle was born in 1992, I quit teaching to be home with our children.  During this time at home with my family, I did substitute teach at Colfax.  In 2001 there was an opportunity for me to come back to half time teaching.  I did team teaching in a 3rd grade class and then the following year in a 2nd grade class.  A Kindergarten position opened up in 2003.  I taught Kindergarten until 2014.  I am now the LAP reading teacher for Kindergarten to 3rd grade. 

  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to teach all these years and look forward to many more.
Debbie Largent
LAP Reading Teacher
(509) 397-2181