Give Back to Colfax Day

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Colfax School District staff, along with some spouses and children, spent three hours in the morning participating in our Give Back to Colfax event. Each year in the fall or spring, district staff chooses a Saturday morning to get together and give service to our community. We work with the City of Colfax and local businesses or organizations to identity needs/services that we can provide for them. This year we were able to partner with the Hill Ray retirement community to rake leaves and trim trees and bushes. Over 24 staff, children and spouses showed up and filled 50 bags with leaves and debris, along with 2 pickup beds loaded with branches and bush trimmings.  Thank you to the City of Colfax for allowing us to use their compost dump site to off load the branches and trimmings. When work at the Hill Ray was finished, the group divided in half and were able to rake leaves and trim bushes at the homes of citizens who are unable to do this kind of work. In total we filled around 90 bags!

It is a privilege for all of us in the Colfax School District to give back to a community that supports us so unselfishly. Give Back to Colfax is our thank you to our great community!

If you have ideas or needs for our next Give Back to Colfax Day, please call the district office and let us know.