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 Good Morning!
Wednesday, November 25th
 12:30 early release today! Classes are 1,Bulldogs, 2, 3 and lunch.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
All students will have the privilege of attending the play today beginning at 9:30. You will attend first period and bulldogs. you will be accompanied by your teacher to the auditorium at 9:20. When it is finished you will be informed  where to go after. Thank you in advance for being respectful and putting your electronic devices away and enjoy a great performance by your fellow students.
On behalf of ASB leadership, faculty and administration we would all like to thank you for your amazing behaviors and attitudes at the assembly. Mr. Ackerman left highly impressed. Remember our goal to get to know five new people by the 5th of December. It is truly is hard to hate someone whose story you know.
 Colfax High School Presents
Once Upon A Mattress
November 25th (Limited Seating) 9:30am
Adults $6.00
Seniors/Students $4.50
Children under 12yrs $4.50 
Tickets are available at the door for all performances. To reserve seats for Friday and Saturday nights and for advanced ticket sales call 509-599-5090 
Distinguished Young Women will have a mandatory Parent -Daughter meeting for the class of 2017 on December 3rd at 7pm in the HS Library. For additional information please contact Cassie: 509-592-8139 or Joanne: 509-288-0021.
Ham and cheese ripper, green salad, fruit and cookie.
Reminder if your child owes $5 or more there lunch account will be locked.
When you pay money for the lunch, keep the receipt for the day so you can show it to the lunch person if there is a question. If you think you paid and there is no record in the system, the lunch person will hold your lunch until you verify payment with a receipt. 
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Colfax Junior/Senior High School

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